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The auto bumpers are the automobile parts you generally see on front most and back most portions of the vehicle. They are usually designed in such a way that can help the automobile to sustain a collision when the vehicle is hit during the accident. The major duty of the bumpers is to prevent as much as damage to the car and the passengers. But nowadays they are considered more like a decorative part and are designed ostensibly to attract the attention of onlookers. These bumpers are somewhat capable of decreasing the level of injuries for the passengers in case of high speed impact. The design of these bumpers is now increasingly being focused with the idea of reducing injuries to the pedestrians hit accidentally by cars.

Most of the laws and jurisdictions in majority of the countries mandate the presence of bumpers on all the automotive vehicles legally. Sometimes, even the dimensions and the location of auto bumpers are specified by these jurisdictions. This is done because, during the accidents only if the placement and size of the bumpers are uniform, the damage will be the least to both the vehicles.

The bumpers for the cars were made compulsory by the government of United States in 1973, when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued the first standards for the bumpers for automobiles produced and sold in the Unites States. The standards were finally settled in the year of 1980. The National Highway Traffic Safety Agency proposed the standard that all the auto bumpers should be capable of sustaining 2.5 miles per hour crash on both the front and the rear sides.

At first when the bumper standards were introduced in 1970s and the beginning of 1980s the cars manufactured were released with large heavy, protruding front and rear bumpers in order to go with the standards. But from the later parts of 1980s, majority of the bumpers were covered by painted materials like thermoplastic facades.

Today as the number of car enthusiasts have increased considerably, demand for the fashionably designed auto bumpers have gone up. So the auto manufacturers concentrate on stylish structure of the front and rear bumpers in addition to looking into the safety aspect of these bumpers.

Aftermarket sale of bumpers is also very famous as many of these car enthusiasts buying the car have the tendency to modify the front and rear bumpers in order to fit their style. Also as the bumpers are heavily damaged during crashes, they need frequent replacements. There are several stores available online that offer different products including new auto bumper and auto bumper jack . At products, you can find best deals and the required information for all your needs corresponding to the auto bumper such as bumper to bumper auto parts, auto bumper step pads etc.
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